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And the winners are …

Thanks again to everyone who gave me their favorite and least favorite yoga poses. Today I taught the sequence I wrote up of the favorite yoga poses. I will also teach it on Tuesday. Then next Sunday and Tuesday (my last two yoga classes at Alameda Athletic Club) I will teach the least favorite poses […]

It’s simple: Know yoga students’ names

I read articles regularly about yoga and about what being a good yoga teacher looks like and means. Some of the articles I agree with and some I don’t. There are tons of articles out there. Some say what I learned in my teacher training program and other articles completely contradict what I believe to be […]

Teaching beginners

Yesterday in yoga teacher training my fellow teacher students and I practiced teaching beginners. We have all worked with each other and most of us have worked with friends and family. (Working with each other is great practice. But it is also easier because we are intermediate students and know how the pose is supposed […]

The benefits of setting an intention in yoga

There are a lot of things I love about practicing yoga. One of my favorite things is at the beginning of practice you set an intention. I like how this article describes setting an intention, (setting an intention connects) the what I’m doing with the why I’m doing it in a body-mind-spirit manner. I find […]