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And the winners are …

Thanks again to everyone who gave me their favorite and least favorite yoga poses. Today I taught the sequence I wrote up of the favorite yoga poses. I will also teach it on Tuesday. Then next Sunday and Tuesday (my last two yoga classes at Alameda Athletic Club) I will teach the least favorite poses […]

Help me with yoga poses

We haven’t had a Comment Contest Tuesday in some time. I need your help. I am nearing the end of my teaching stint at Alameda Athletic Club. I have decided for my last two weeks of classes I am going to ask for student (and GFG! reader) input. It’s pretty easy. Tell me your favorite […]

Wrapping shoulders

In many yoga positions you are reminded to wrap your shoulders, whether in Downward Facing Dog, Warrior I, High Lunge, Crescent Lunge, etc. I have noticed when I am on the spin bike if I wrap my shoulders it prevents me from bringing my shoulders up to my ears. Wrapping my shoulders keeps my upper […]

Improving yoga poses, practice

Yup, another yoga post. Who knew I could write so much about yoga? I have been practicing yoga semi-regularly for about four years now. There are poses that I feel I have made vast improvement with and others that come more easily. And there are those that are still difficult for me to do. Until […]

Yoga continually teaches me new things

I have been taking yoga consistently for two years. I truly believe that one never masters every yoga pose. I continually learn new things about each pose and new things about my own body. I am amazed that after two years I am still adjusting and improving my downward dog and making it better. It […]

My wimpy upper body

I have been really working on my Chaturanga Dandasana in yoga. It is a difficult pose. Between my lack of upper body strength and my slight scoliosis and my major arch in my lower back this pose looks weird when I do it. We focused on that pose a lot during Monday morning’s class. During […]

Sore arms & shoulders

My regular morning yoga teacher has been out of town. So she has had two subs: Ken and Jennifer. I like both of them. They are so different. Yesterday Ken had us continuously do vinyasa flows. There are many variations of vinyasa flows. But the video above gives you an idea. I think what really […]