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Curbing sadness with yoga practice

This was originally posted on Nov. 10. I thought it would be nice to repost. This is a great sequence to do any time, not just when you are sad or have low energy. Someone I care about has been sad lately. I want to help him. And anyone else who could benefit from this […]

My Yoga Classes page

My webmaster/IT guy (aka The Husband) created a new pageĀ on Go Fit Girl! called My Yoga Classes. On this page I list all (two so far) yoga classes on my schedule. As I start subbing and possibly pick up my own regular class or two I will update the page. I also have a little […]

One taught yoga class down …

Yesterday afternoon I taught my first yoga class as a certified yoga teacher. After completing my 10-month teacher training program I planned a trip to Tucson to visit family, get in a little relax time at the Arizona Inn and to teach my first yoga class. My class was called Do Good While You Feel […]

I’m a yoga teacher!

As of Thursday evening I am an officially certified yoga teacher. Piedmont Deep Yoga 2013/2014 teacher training program had its ceremony Thursday night. It was a bittersweet evening. The past 10 months I have learned so much. And I have developed relationships with these people every Thursday night, one Saturday month and a couple of […]

Using props in yoga

Years ago I was in a yoga class and at the beginning of class the teacher told us what props we needed for class that day. Someone walked into class after the prop instructions were given. I overheard a fellow student tell the other what props the teacher had requested. She looked at the helpful […]

Upcoming first official yoga class

In EIGHT days I will be a certified yoga teacher. This has been a long journey at Piedmont Yoga Studio’s Deep Yoga teacher training: 10 months of school, homework, yoga classes, observing and assisting, weekends, Thursday nights … Days after I graduate I am heading to my hometown of Tucson to have some R&R, visit […]

Teaching beginners

Yesterday in yoga teacher training my fellow teacher students and I practiced teaching beginners. We have all worked with each other and most of us have worked with friends and family. (Working with each other is great practice. But it is also easier because we are intermediate students and know how the pose is supposed […]

Stop, sit and meditate

Many people I look up to and trust have been giving me the same message for some time now: Meditate. One of the “jokes” in the yoga world is that when you don’t have time for yoga is when you need yoga. I believe the same applies for meditation. Many of my yoga teachers make […]

Listening to me

What do I need? What do you need? I have been really trying to listen to myself lately. Work has been extremely demanding and busy and overwhelming and stressful as we continue to go through transition. More than usual I feel tired, exhausted and wiped out. I have really been trying to take the queues […]

Intensive yoga weekend

This past weekend at yoga teacher training we had something called an Intensive Weekend. We had class three hours on Friday, six hours on Saturday and three hours on Sunday. (Four hours on Sunday if you wanted to participate in an optional hour conversation about meditation before our three hours started.) Friday night was my […]