My yoga mat went with me to West Chester …

and came home having never come out of my suitcase.
I received a mini stepper for Christmas from Curt.
So for the days when I am too lazy to go to the gym or when I want a little extra workout I have my mini stepper to do some cardio while watching TV. I am hoping I get to it today.
I have gotten a lot of stuff done today: paid some bills, laundry, grocery shopping, a little relaxing. I still have to de-Christmas the house.
Happy New Year!

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Lazy Christmas morning

I had planned to do some yoga here at home this morning. But I decided to be lazy and enjoy my morning on the computer drinking coffee instead. 🙂
I did go to the gym yesterday after work. I got to the gym about 1 p.m. and pounded away on the elliptical for an hour.
So I feel today can be a freebie day. I mean, it is Christmas.
Have a great day and holiday season everyone. Be safe!

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Wonderful way to start a Monday, which is really a Wednesday …

well, I only have three days of work this week. So today is Wednesday for me, right?
Anyway, had yoga this morning. We had a sub named Brian. (Oh, the teacher who has taken over the classes, Sarah, is really great.)
Brian was really good, too. There were only two of us in class. He took the time to adjust us or talk us through holding the pose correctly. He had us hold the poses longer than normal, which is good and bad. Good for your body–but I don’t like when my thighs or arms or whatever are burning and I don’t think I can hold the pose for one more second!
It was a wonderful practice and I felt ready for my crazy and short week at work. Wednesday is the last day for Onyx for the year. So I am trying to get as much done as I possibly can. It’s tough. I came in 3 1/2 hours yesterday.
Have a wonderful rest of the day!

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A nice way to start the workweek, even if it is Monday

Went to yoga this morning. Man, that alarm went off way too soon it seemed. But I got myself up and off to yoga at the gym.

The kinda new teacher who instructs the Monday and Wednesday morning classes is just OK. She isn’t horrible. But she isn’t great either.

She does a great job of explaining things. Initially her style was way too mild. I didn’t feel like I was getting much out of it. But apparently at Mavericks they read the comment cards. A few of us commented that it was too mild. And she responded to that.

Recently I realized that the class was just boring. Way too much the same every time.
Today she asked us if we were bored. What new stuff did we want? I told her I loved that we did pigeon pose and dolphin today. We did shoulder stand today–which was good, too.

I also mentioned that Ajaia used to do Friday morning yoga against the wall. Tasha said she loves doing yoga against the wall. So she may start doing that. Yea! It is so different, but really cool.

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6 times

My goal every week is to workout six times a week. Usually it is more like four to five times.
But this past week I worked out six times:

Monday: yoga
Tuesday: yoga
Wednesday: yoga
Thursday: kickboxing
Friday: yoga
Saturday: spin; abs/core

My normal sked is 3 yoga classes a week and 3 cardio: kickboxing, spin and advanced body conditioning (Wednesday evenings).

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What a wonderful way to end the workweek

I attended my regular yoga class tonight with Suraya. She is such a great and caring yoga instructor. It’s at 5:30 on Fridays. Which is great because it gets me out of work at a decent hour. But I am starting to miss the class at times because sometimes I have something planned.

At the beginning of class we have meditation and she has us set an intention. You can also set your intention for someone else. Sometimes I do that. Tonight I set my intention for Grandma Phyllis. So I hope she was feeling my energy.

We worked on pigeon pose today. It is such a great way to get your hips stretched out. I love the feeling. More and more I am getting better at the pose.

And now I am relaxed and am ready to do some knitting and watch some TV. That is my kind of Friday night. Oh, and I made myself a bloody Mary, too.

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New yoga teacher is great

I haven’t been able to attend my regular Tuesday afternoon yoga classes lately. We have a new teacher. I really liked Suraya.

But I have to say Sean is a great teacher. I like his style. His class was challenging and a great workout.

I was trying to convince him to take over the Friday morning yoga class. They are looking for a teacher for that class to replace wonderful Ajaia. Anyone want to apply?

I am trying to get Hilda to take that class over. But I doubt the distance from where she and my dad live to my gym will be worth it to her. Dang!

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One-on-one yoga

I almost didn’t go to yoga this morning. But I thought I need to go. Get up! So I did.

(Oh, and last night I finally–after months and months–went back to kickboxing. Man, it was tough. A co-worker, Kim, joined me, which made it a little easier.)

There is this yoga sub at my gym for some reason I am not a fan of. I have started reminding myself to not let his style bother me and to just appreciate the practice.

I knew he was subbing today. I went into class and I was the only one. It ended up being great.

We focused on strengthening my core and stretching out my back. He asked me what I wanted to work on and we pretty much focused on my needs. Normally you would have to pay top dollar for a private yoga class.

Happy Friday everyone and have a great weekend!

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I’ve Got You Babe

While I was in the locker room this morning getting dressed after my yoga class this song was playing. I have to say that is not a very gym-like working out, sweating song. Weird.

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About a year now

So about a year ago I started working out (first in the gym at work).

For a month I walked about 3-4 times a week. Then in April I started the walk/run thing. My goal was to be able to run for 30 mins straight–because it is easy cardio and you can do it anywhere.

Well, I hate running. But I was determined. I think it was Day 3 that I hurt my knee and had to rehab myself. I decided then and there that I hated running and it really wasn’t for me, I mean, who was I kidding?

I started on the elliptical. Love that machine. Sometime in June I joined Mavericks, the gym I am still with. This is the longest I have continually worked out–a whole year.

Yes, I have joined gyms before. But usually working out was sporadic. I have had a few times in this past year where I didn’t work out for a week or two or three–usually when I have been sick. But for the most part I have been very vigilant. I am proud of myself.

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