Turtles opening is finally here

It’s been a journey. But it’s finally here, the opening of Turtles Yoga & Wellness is today!

I am so excited to be part of the Turtles team.

My current teaching schedule at Turtles is:

  • Mondays, 5:45-7 p.m. (Gentle)
  • Thursdays, 7-8:30 p.m. (Hatha alignment)

For the full Turtles schedule, you can go here. For my full teaching schedule, including when I sub yoga classes and my cycle classes, you can go here.

The monthly pass is still at a great low rate as are the drop-in class passes. Check out the prices and sign up here.

You can also like Turtles on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

Turtles is a beautiful space. Come by for a class (yoga, Zumba, Pilates, etc.) or take a tour of the gorgeous site.

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Empowering girls through yoga

On Saturday I volunteered at the Girl Power Summit at a middle school near where I live. I taught the girls yoga.

The girls were second to seventh graders. The girls were in or will be in programs designed to keep girls active and healthy with mentorship and leadership.

I taught five groups of girls. (There were probably between 40-50 girls per group.)

They participated in all kinds of activities that day: yoga, dodgeball, Zumba, hip hop dance, crafts, gymnastics and an obstacle course.

The idea for Saturday’s event was to motivate and inspire girls in their ability to make healthy lifestyle choices, and create positive change in their lives and others with encouraging positive self-esteem and cultural and community pride.

It was fun, challenging and exhausting working with the girls. I don’t have a lot of experience teaching kids yoga. So this was definitely a learning experience for me.

Before yoga they played dodgeball. That was a wild game. Then I had to calm them down for yoga.

I found that the girls were very receptive to breath work and were quite good at it. And it was a great transition from the ball game to our yoga practice.

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Exercising while on vacation

Another great thing about Club Med is there are activities for just about everyone.

(And if your thing is to just lounge at the beach and drink, there’s plenty of that for you. That’s my favorite pastime.)

Like most trips I brought exercise clothes with me. And about half the time they don’t leave the suitcase. This trip seems to be turning out that way.

Besides, sailing, windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba and other water activities “regular” exercise classes are also offered along with a gym.

There’s power walking, stretching (which I think is kinda like yoga, but since I haven’t gone I am not certain), abs and butts, Zumba, boot camp, water aerobics, etc.

There is also the circus where I tried doing tricks on the trampoline. It’s fun, but man, is that a work out. I probably did 15 minutes on the trampoline and then took a break before trying the trapeze.

The beginners got a quick lesson on how to stand, hold the bar and the few tricks we were going to do.

The scariest part for me was when I had to grab the bar with my second hand. That meant I was trusting someone to hold on … Continue reading

Riding 100 miles and then some

My company recently launched a wellness program. We first started with biometric testing.

Our results were input into a web portal.

After that there was a wellness assessment in which I answered questions about my mental and physical health, fitness and exercise, work and personal situations, etc. From there my strengths were identified and areas I could work on–such as getting consistent sleep.

I can set up goals and challenges. One of the challenges I am participating in is to have 64 ounces of water for at least five days in a week. I am pretty good with my water intake. But Fridays and Sundays are challenging for me. Now with an incentive I am more proactive on those days as well.

And while doing this points are rewarded, levels achieved and prizes awarded.

One of the challenges is the Century Mile. At first I didn’t sign up for it because I thought it was about running. And I don’t run.

Then I realized you could bike, hike, walk, run (probably even Zumba) your way to 100 miles. The challenge started in mid-March and ends mid-May. The challenge spelled out: Track 100 miles of exercise–walk, run, bike, hike, dance, or whatever … Continue reading

Vegas, baby!

For me Vegas means a lot of drinking and a lot of eating with just a little gambling (mostly penny slots as I don’t like to lose my money).

Curt and I head to Vegas on Thursday night. Our friends Jen and Dave will join us Friday morning.

Jen and I were talking about trying to get a few workouts in while on our  fun-filled long weekend of eating, drinking, gambling, NCAA tourney watching, Mystere watching, pool lounging good time.

So Jen decided to do a little research. She went to Google and typed in “best place to exercise in vegas.” The first hit she got was How to Avoid Exercise in Vegas. I decided to search for the same thing she did and I came upon the same first hit. The thing is, do we really need information on how to avoid exercise in Vegas? I am sure we are already clearly aware how to avoid exercise in Vegas or anywhere on vacation or really anytime in life.

The hotel that the four of us are staying at has a gym. But it is expensive. So we may have to come up with our own workout … Continue reading

Easing back into exercise

Today I headed back to the gym.

I took the 1 p.m. yoga class. It was a good class and a great way to get back into the exercise and get my gym time in.

Tomorrow the plan is to hit the evening Zumba class.

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Determined to lose 9 pounds

Today is Day 3 of getting back to my healthy lifestyle.

I started counting points again with Weight Watchers on Monday. I am not attending meetings (probably should) or doing anything online. My years with WW gave me many of the tools I need to continue on my own.

I am trying to mix up my workouts–not so spin focused (tho. that usually means I can eat more!). Monday there were no classes at the gym (that is normally my noon spin class day) so I did a little time on the treadmill and then did a self-taught spin class on the bike. Tuesday was yoga. And today was Zumba. Tomorrow will either be spin or kickboxing.

I am determined this time to get back to my goal weight. I have to stop making excuses and lose that 9 pounds.

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Back to my yogi self

Today on my lunch break I took a yoga class at my gym. I used to regularly take the Tuesday afternoon yoga class. It was a great class and much needed.

I realized that I hadn’t taken a yoga class in a little more than two months. It was an amazing workout, really got me grounded and was great for some variety.

Yesterday I took the noon spin class, today I took yoga at 1 p.m. and tomorrow the plan is Zumba after work. I like the variety and need to mix it up a bit. My plan is to try to make it to two daytime classes during the week–especially since I have been working some late nights. It seems a little easier to sneak away during the day then to leave right at 5 or 5:30.

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‘You’ve lost weight’

At the gym tonight one of my fellow gym-goers said to me, You’ve lost weight.

I thanked Rona. But I told her that my weight is actually going in the other direction. Her husband, Jim, mentioned the whole thing about muscle weighing more than fat. I have always thought that was a myth. I mean a pound of feathers weighs the same as a pound of bricks, right?

I used Google to learn a little more and found this. Muscle and fat weigh the same. But the difference is: “A five pound pile of fat will take up more space (volume) than a five pound pile of muscle.”

I was so tired after work. I really didn’t want to go to the gym. But I knew I needed to exercise. I got to the gym and Zumba was canceled. The instructor was sick. I don’t really like the Wednesday night spin teacher, plus I didn’t have my clip shoes. So I caught up on celebrity news and worked out on the elliptical. After my workout I found out that the spin class had a sub.

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OK, no one should wear perfume to the gym

There is a woman at the gym who I happen to take several classes with who bathes in perfume before she comes to class.

I know she does because I can smell it at the 9 a.m. spin class on Saturdays. It was pretty pungent at the evening Zumba class tonight. I kept trying to move away from her. Luckily when you are jumping around you don’t actually smell it the whole time.

I have a high sensitivity to perfumes, smelly lotions, etc. I can get nauseated and a horrible headache. It’s not fun. And I really don’t understand why someone would need to slather it on. I mean, what’s wrong with deodorant?

Don’t get me started on the fresh lipstick …

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