Wonderful way to start a Monday, which is really a Wednesday …

well, I only have three days of work this week. So today is Wednesday for me, right?
Anyway, had yoga this morning. We had a sub named Brian. (Oh, the teacher who has taken over the classes, Sarah, is really great.)
Brian was really good, too. There were only two of us in class. He took the time to adjust us or talk us through holding the pose correctly. He had us hold the poses longer than normal, which is good and bad. Good for your body–but I don’t like when my thighs or arms or whatever are burning and I don’t think I can hold the pose for one more second!
It was a wonderful practice and I felt ready for my crazy and short week at work. Wednesday is the last day for Onyx for the year. So I am trying to get as much done as I possibly can. It’s tough. I came in 3 1/2 hours yesterday.
Have a wonderful rest of the day!

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It has been way too long

Wow, sorry that I haven’t updated in more than a month.
Did a lot of traveling in November–Missouri to see Curt’s family and then New Orleans with a girlfriend on a kinda last-minute trip. Then it was Thanksgiving …
I have been pretty good with keeping up with my working out even during hectic times. Of course, not as much as I would like–but still pretty regular at the gym.
At the beginning of December I went back on the WW plan and lost 2.4 pounds in a week. It works if you stay on plan. The following weekend of my wonderful weight loss I had three parties, work holiday party, Monica’s cocktail party and then Curt and I hosted Cheesemas 2008–where you eat cheese and watch cheesy holiday movies starring Rob Lowe. 🙂 So I pretty much threw WW plan out the window. Now I am just trying to maintain. I will be back on a much more rigorous plan in the new year. But I am doing OK maintaining right now. And that is about all I can ask for.
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Trying out new yoga instructors

So once again my Mon/Wed morning yoga classes are looking for a new instructor.

We had Sally today. She was pretty good. Though sometimes she wouldn’t tell us what we should be doing.

Next week Sarah. And the week after that someone else.

I have only been going to morning yoga once a week lately because Wednesdays I like to attend advanced body conditioning in the evening.

So hopefully we will find a good replacement for the morning classes. One of my yoga friends suggested the reason many people don’t attend is because of the time. She thinks if we had class at 6:15 more people would come because many have to be at work at 8. There is no way I can get out of bed at 5:15. I mean, I can barely get out of bed at 6:15–and it is just going to get harder as it gets colder and darker.

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Trying to get back on track

I went to yoga this morning. It was a pretty good practice and I felt really good afterward. I have to say it was really super tough to get up this morning. But I did it!

And I also attended a Weight Watchers at Work meeting today.

So I feel accomplished in the world of taking care of my health.

Funny thing is I am going out for drinks after work to help send off a fellow co-worker. I am just staying for one drink. (Too much to do at home.)

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I kinda suck

I haven’t worked out since last Wednesday.

And I have a ton of excuses. Well, I did take a yoga class Wednesday morning anticipating my flu shot that late morning. The nurse told me I shouldn’t work out or party until the weekend.

My arm was still sore Thursday so no kickboxing. Friday Curt and I headed to Tucson. I did take workout clothes with me and I never used them. I was supposed to workout while at the Arizona Inn. I had even checked ahead of time if they had a fitness center, which they did.

And I also ate like crap over the weekend. Fried mac and cheese anyone. Had that at the airport yesterday. It was sooooo yummy.

I didn’t go to yoga this morning because I was exhausted from coming home late last night. And after work tonight, forget it.

My week is going to be all thrown off, between a meeting tomorrow when I should be at yoga, to needing to run errands and get stuff done in the evenings at home. To possible jury duty on Wednesday. To my brother and his girlfriend coming into town Friday. To losing a legal team member … Continue reading

Step & Sculpt

I took a new class at the gym last night. New to the gym and new to me.

I had taken step before and I just didn’t like it. It takes me time to learn a combo and before I have we are already moving onto the next one.

But my friend Kim told me that the new class was not as much step. She was right. There was still a little more than I would have liked. And stuff that I just couldn’t keep up with I would do my own thing to keep moving.

About 30-40 mins was cardio. Then the last 20 was the sculpting.

Where I really need work are my thighs, butt and hips. And I just hate lunges and squats. But I do them on demand.

It was a good class. I was super sweaty afterward. And my kickboxing teacher, Keren, taught the class.

I usually do yoga on Monday mornings. But I am getting a flu shot on Wednesday and know that my arm will be sore and I won’t be able to attend adv. body conditioning Wednesday evening. So I am taking yoga Wednesday morning. Switching it all … Continue reading

Fit your workout into your schedule

Today is my birthday. So I am not going into work. And normally on Thursdays I go to kickboxing class after work. But not today. I will be eating sushi then.

So since I am home this morning, I did a yoga workout through my digital cable. Exercise TV has a ton of options, from cardio to yoga to pilates. Pretty much anything you want, it is there. And they change out the “videos” every so often so you get variety. It’s pretty cool.

So I still made sure that I got my workout in and fit it into my schedule today.

Shortly I am off for some shopping, lunch with Mia and then a massage!

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It’s gonna be a tough food week

This past weekend was already a challenge in the food department with many activities planned.

This week is going to pose many more challenges. (Jen had asked me a food question, which I will answer eventually that kinda goes along this subject.)

Tonight my work is hosting a function for the home employees and remote employees. Work is generous with the yummy food and drinks.

Thursday is my birthday and I am having lunch with my friend Mia. Then Curt and I are eating out that night with friends’ Monica and Malcolm at Sushiya. Dinner out will be sushi, so that is pretty healthy.

Friday lunch the Legal (work) team is taking me out to celebrate–sushi again, so fairly healthy and easy to make good choices at Miyozen. (Can you tell I love sushi?!?) Friday night dinner out with friends Sue and Alicia at Townhouse. I loved the grilled veggies, polenta and pesto.

Saturday night Dad and Hilda are coming over to our neighborhood for dinner. We are going to celebrate mine and Hilda’s birthdays. Hers was last month. Not sure yet where we are going to eat. Marica’s is a contender. Ohhh, or maybe Continue reading

September=20 times

Well, I never did get to take that walk I wanted to take yesterday afternoon. Besides the fact that I was a total zombie I was so busy at work.

But even with an altered schedule (being out of town even for a short weekend can throw me off) I still worked out 20 times in the month of September. That averages out to 5 times a week.

I just came back from my yoga class. It was a wonderful class. And I almost fell asleep during savasana–also known as corpse pose.

Oh, and I was very excited to see an Ann Taylor Loft banner ad the other day. My favorite clothing store. I treat myself at times to some shopping there since I lost weight.

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Good intentions

So I had every intention to go to my 7:15 a.m. yoga class this morning. I had my gym bag packed with my work clothes and had my yoga clothes layed out and ready to jump into when my alarm went off at 6:15. When it went off I thought, there is no way I can or am gonna get up.

I didn’t sleep well last night. I go through these cycles where I sleep really well for some time and then don’t for some time. I think I am in the don’t cycle. I am still really tired.

Today at work we have a lunch function called Mix n Mingle. The idea is for you to get to know each other–especially the new people. We are a fast-growing (still small) company so it is hard to know everyone. Because of the lunch no lunchtime workout.

But I am thinking maybe an afternoon 1/2 hour walk may do the trick.

My workout schedule is all off from being out of town over the weekend. And Curt’s friend Ryan is coming into town on Thursday. So I have three evenings to get the house in order (luckily it … Continue reading