Standing up for women

Rose Haven doesn’t have a lot of space for donations. I will be donating some of their higher need can be used immediately items.

Wednesday, March 8, is International Women’s Day.
It’s also a protest/strike day: A Day Without A Woman. More information can be found here.
A day for women to strike.
I have given this day, this strike a lot of thought.
If I were still in the corporate world I would absolutely take the day off without pay.
But if I don’t teach (aka work) there are consequences.
Simply put: If I don’t work I don’t get paid. And believe me, as a yoga teacher I need every penny I earn.
And it isn’t fair to my students if I don’t teach.
I teach two private office yoga classes on Wednesdays. My students have already paid me for these classes. So they would either not get yoga … but still pay for it … or not get yoga and I have to pay them back for that class.
Neither option seems like a good idea to me.
My third class on Wednesdays is a cycle class at a gym. I could get a sub. If I am not able to get a sub … I still have to teach. Plus the following Wednesday I have a sub in place as I will be going out of town.
So I will be working but still observing this important day in other ways.
I will be doing other things on Wednesday to support women.

  • I will be wearing read (ordered a new yoga top) to show support for women’s rights and Susan B. Anthony. (Woman’s rights activist Susan B. Anthony wore a red shawl when advocating for women’s rights at suffrage conventions, speaking engagements or congressional sessions.)
  • I won’t be spending any money on Wednesday. (Though to be completely transparent, I will have to pay for parking.)
  • I will be supporting Rose Haven with my Beaverton Huddle to support other women who need help, love, kindness, compassion, understanding and just a helping hand.

We stand up. We speak up. We follow up.

One struggle, one fight. 

Rights and equality for all.

Women’s right are human rights.