I am maintaining

For the record, I am no longer trying to lose weight. Once you hit goal weight with WW you don’t just quit the program. I am now on the 6-week maintenance plan. It is all about trial and error. Every week at weigh-in we find out if I need to alter my point intake. If I gain weight I lose a point, if I lose weight I gain a point.
But I have to stay with the program or I will gain all that weight back. Once I am a Lifetime WW member I will still be counting points. At some point I will feel comfortable enough to not have to count points. But I will still attend meetings and weigh in.
And my weight loss wasn’t just about losing weight, but also how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Yes, I can splurge and have fondue one night for dinner and pizza for lunch one day. But every meal can’t be that way. As long as I stay within my daily points I can have whatever I want. And when I use a lot and only have a few points left for dinner I make it work.
So don’t you all worry, I am not gonna waste away and disappear.