I'm Lifetime

Nope, not that TV network. Tho. you all know how much I love Lifetime and Lifetime Movie Network.
This morning I became a Lifetime WW member. This means I made my goal weight and did the Maintenance Plan for 6 weeks. It also means as long as I don’t go over my goal weight more than 2 pounds the program is free to me.
Going to the meetings and weighing in really helps keep me accountable. And since our WW at work meetings will resume next week it will be easy to attend meetings regularly. (Tho. the past few weeks I have had to go to a center for the weigh-in and meetings and it has been good. The Friday morning meetings I really enjoy.)
There was a little celebration for me today at the meeting. But I will really celebrate with my WW at work group next week.
Here’s to a healthier Lifestyle!