It's Monday morning of the new year

So today is my first day back to work after the holiday break.
I worked about five hours on Christmas Eve and then was off until today.
I didn’t work out much over the break. I kept up pretty OK until we headed to Philly.
My plan was to try out my new mini stepper yesterday. But laziness and sore back kept me from trying it out.
I did, however, go to my yoga class this morning. It was a wonderful class. The new teacher, Sarah, is really good. She takes the time to explain and show the class the poses. Each class we have a specific focus. Today was back bends. Nothing major. I realize we didn’t even do bridge pose. We did pigeon, which I love. And I had never thought of it as a back bend. But it is a slight back bend.
When I got to work I realized my legs were shaking as I walked down the garage steps. We did a long forward bend that got my legs shaky. If you click on the forward bed link please note that I do NOT look like that. 🙂 Maybe some day.
Anyone have any health/wellness resolutions for the new year? I am pretty OK in that area with my eating and working out. But I do need to get on better track with the eating, which I will. It is so difficult to keep healthy over the holidays and while traveling.