Food deceivers

On the Yahoo! homepage there was a link to an article called Surprise Nutritionist No-Nos.
Here is my take on the Top 5 Deceivers:
2% Milk: I am personally not a big milk fan. I really never crave a nice cold class of milk, unless I am having a PB&J or maybe cookies. I do like to eat cereal. So I try to go with 1% or skim. And you don’t really need as much milk as you think. For a cup of cereal I can have 12 cup of milk or less.
Whole Wheat Bagels: Apparently you might as well just have a doughnut! A lot of times there are bagels at the office from a breakfast meeting. I either run away from the leftovers or just take half. You think bagels would be healthy. But they are so not!
Chicken Caesar Salad: I do like a Chicken Caesar Salad. But I always ask for dressing on the side. And depending on where I am I may even have my Salad Spritzer Caesar dressing with me. Sometimes I don’t even use dressing. The stuff in the salad is really enough. Or you can also carry in your purse: Kraft salad dressing packs.
Granola: I just stay away from Granola. It has so much fat in it. I can have Raisin Bran or Kashi cereal, both have less calories and fat and are more filing.
Fruit Smoothies: Make your own at home or just make sure you really know what the ingredients are. A lot of smoothies have tons of sugar in them. You can make a smoothie at home with orange juice and throw in some frozen fruit. Yum! You could also use a little yogurt, too.
OK, well, those are my ideas on these five deceivers. Anyone else have any suggestions or alternatives?