Yea! I got to meet Hungry Girl!

Lisa Lillien, aka Hungry Girl, came to the El Cerrito Barnes & Noble to promote her new recipe book, 200 under 200 (200 Recipes Under 200 Calories).
Alicia came along with me this evening. And I ran into Jennifer and Ricki, too.
They had lots of yummy snacks, Pop Chips, samples of Fiber One, Vita Tops, etc.
Lisa came out, chatted and then took questions. And then there was a raffle. We didn’t win anything. But we still got lots of goodies.
After the raffle Lisa signed books. Alicia got there early and got us seats. So luckily they did the book signing in an orderly fashion and I got mine signed rather quickly.
Lisa is so nice and friendly and funny! Her personality is fun in her daily newsletters. But I think she really shines in person. So glad I got to see her.
For some reason I am having issues posting pics. So here is a link to the photos from Facebook.
There was a woman there handing out her card for her food blog. Duh! Why didn’t I do that for Go Fit Girl!????? So on my to do list: Make business cards for Go Fit Girl! blog.