Just Dance!

So I had read a Weight Watchers e-mail about tips to handle a wedding.
One tip was to survey all appetizers before taking any. You know, see what is available. What you want.
Well, I didn’t do that. Crab cakes came by and I grabbed one. Oh my goodness! They were so good. There weren’t a lot of appetizers. So it worked out great for me. What I had was yummy and worth the tastes.
I had also decided I would drink wine instead of beer (Curt and I bought a keg of Belgian beer as a gift for the party). We were hanging out chatting with friends (new and old) during the cocktail hour when the guys went to get another beer. My friend Joe asked me if I wanted another glass of wine. I told him I had already had two and wanted to wait a little bit. His response: He grabbed my glass and got me a refill. 🙂 HA!
Soon after that it was time for dinner. So I had only had a few sips of the third glass of wine.
There was a champagne toast and then dinner time.
The food was yummy and pretty healthy. I had some chicken, salad, rice with veggies, green beans and I skipped the bread.
Soon after dinner the dancing began.

Photo by Monica
And I danced a lot! I had already hit two hours at the gym earlier that day with spin/abs/body conditioning. But I had to work some more calories off–and dancing at a wedding is much more fun than going to the gym.
At one point Monica and I headed outside for some cool fresh air and a glass of really yummy sweet white wine.
So I think I did pretty good.