Balancing your checkbook can be yoga

Baxter said that tonight. It made me laugh. But it is true. Yoga is physical, internal, emotional and mental. And balancing your checkbook can really be emotional and mental.

This lettuce is from our home garden. I had bagged salad for lunch today. But I wanted to add a pretty picture to my post.

Today at lunch I heated up a Lean Cuisine steamer, Chicken Poblano. While heating it up a couple of people asked me what I was making. They seem intrigued.
Once I was eating, I had a few more people comment on my lunch. Someone even assumed it was what was being served at the work cafe.
There are so many Lean Cuisine frozen dinners that I really like. But most of the steamers I have tried I have really enjoyed. One of those and a side of greens with some spritzer and I have a yummy, healthy and filling lunch.
The best news I have to report is that I weighed in today and I am just TWO pounds from my goal weight.
I wasn’t super diligent about tracking my food last week. But I did OK. Made little changes here and there–like with veggies for my “chips.” I was careful about what I ate and what I drank.