In many yoga classes they have us chant Aum or Om at the beginning and end of class, which we did today. But we also chanted shorter aums as we did some Vinyasa flows in Hatha Yoga class tonight with Baxter.
We focused on the Aums (that link to the left is the sound of Aum) and breathing in the front and back of our lungs as well as the left and right lungs.
Recently in Forrest Yoga Kristin mentioned that only 30% of toxins are released from sweat, urine and stool. The other 70% of toxins are released by our breath.
That makes you really think. I mean, how much do we really focus on our breathing. When you are stressed or upset what are you supposed to do? Stop and breathe. But seriously? Do we all do that. Remembering to breathe in yoga classes is easier as the instructors remind you quite often. In some classes, like Forrest Yoga, it is the base of the class. And in that class we focus on Ujjayi breath.
I found a few sites that talk about Breathwork and the many benefits.