Planning can take away stress

Me with a glass of wine ... not at Townhouse. This was a visit to Napa on a warm and beautiful day.

I had dinner tonight with my good friends Alicia and Sue to celebrate Alicia’s birthday.
Eating out can be tricky when trying to eat healthy. If the menu of the restaurant I am going to is online I will view it ahead of time to get an idea of what I want. That can take a lot of the stress out ordering and eating.
The three of us met at Townhouse in Emeryville. We all like this restaurant. I decided ahead of time that I would have the Grilled Lamb salad with the sauce and dressing on the side.
When I arrived, Alicia and Sue were already there and had ordered an appetizer. So I had a little fried calamari. (Not part of the plan.)
I ordered a glass of wine–part of my plan. And I did have ┬áhave the salad, which was delicious.
For dessert I ordered sorbet and had a bite of Sue’s bread pudding and a few bites of Alicia’s mocha brownie thing. Sorbet was part of the plan (the extra bites were not).
So I think I did pretty well. The caloric intake has been very disciplined this week.