Candlelight flow

The candles lit at Namaste Oakland.

Usually on Fridays when I work from home I attend the 10 a.m. yoga class at my yoga studio. But Joey had a vet appointment this morning so I wasn’t able to attend Rachel’s Vinyasa class.
I attended the 5:30 p.m. fairly new candlelight flow class. This was my first time with the newish class. I wasn’t sure what to expect of the class, whether it would be gentle or more aggressive.
Because today was a busy (work), tough and emotional day dealing with the furbaby’s health I was hoping for a gentle class. It wasn’t. But I ended up feeling OK with it and working through some stuff while I sweated.
We set an intention at the beginning of class. I was going to focus it on myself. But I have a friend having an unexpected hard time right now. So I focused my practice and energy to her.
At the beginning we did a yin pose, which was a really nice way to start the class. We held each exaggerated low lunge for about 4 minutes. As we were holding each lunge Lily told us that the longer yin poses get more into the connective tissues, as vinyasa flows are more muscular.
I can definitely feel those lunges in my hips even now.