Right back at it

Checking the temp of the rib eye, which we had for dinner on Saturday night.

I spent the past weekend visiting with my in-laws in Missouri. It was fairly relaxing and some good quality family time with my two nephews, mother- and father-in-law, brother-in-law and The Husband.
Visiting Missouri means some amazing home-cooked meals from Marilyn, my mother-in-law, with a few things sprinkled in here and there from Ed.
Over the long weekend we had delicious items such as pork tenderloin, pumpkin pie, rib eye, hash brown casserole (which I plan to make for Thanksgiving), ham, wine, beer …
You get the idea.
Marilyn and I did practice yoga once together. We were hoping to practice at least once or twice more. We had one afternoon to ourselves and I thought about suggesting a yoga practice. But we were having such a nice visit chatting away that I preferred that.
Yesterday Curt and I got home at a decent hour. I had time to get my work bag and clothes ready for the rest of the workweek. And I had time to hit my regular 6 p.m. yoga class.
Unfortunately Vickie was not teaching. But most subs are great. And the one last night gave me a harder practice than I planned for. But man, it was good. And my neck had been bothering me, I think from sleeping weird on the plane. I realized after the practice that my neck pain was gone!
Dinner last night was back to being healthy. And today all healthy band wagon. And I hit my Wednesday night yoga class at well.
You can always “take a break” from healthy living. As long as it is only temporary, only happens occasionally and you have a plan to well, get back on plan.