Review Wednesday: The Tye

The tye gets 4 dumbbells.

The tye.
I first discovered this hair tie at my regular yoga studio, Namaste.
They come in fun colors and are inexpensive.
I have a lot of hair and the tie holds it pretty well.
During any sort of yoga class, hatha or even during an aggressive yoga class it stays in place. In a more active cardio class I had to repony tail it up. But to be fair I have to do that with my regular black hair bands.

Sporting The Tye in my hair right before gym class.

I was told by someone who has thinner, finer hair that it works well for that type of hair as well.
While not wearing it in the hair you can wear it around your wrist and looks like a fun bracelet.
After wearing the tye in all of my hair I can put it on my wrist and soon after it goes back to almost its original size.
I pretty much always have hair ties with me. I have so much hair and there are times I need to just get it out of my face.
Along with the black hair ties around my wrist you will sometimes find the tye around my wrist as well.
These would be a great stocking stuffer or a decoration on the outside of a gift.
The tye can be found in GFG! Amazon store. You can also read more about them on the official website.
I give the tye a rating of 4 dumbbells.