Gettin' snacky with protein

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2013-01-17 20:39 +0000

A snacky items full of protein, which would be great as a pick me up after a hardcore workout.

A few snack items full of protein, which would be great as a pick me up after a hardcore workout.

I thought one of my readers asked me about snacks I could recommend after a workout, especially a hardcore one. Then I reread the question and realized they were asking something else, which I will address later since I have already been thinking about this “question.”
After bootcamp or spin or body conditioning or Vinyasa yoga flow or some other aggressive class you are tired and probably pretty hungry. The last thing you want to do is scarf down a bunch of calories and fat and reverse all that hard work you just did.
You want something that is small and easy to carry in your purse or gym bag or laptop bag for you to snack on the way home or to work. Something that will tide you over before your next meal. You need something to help curb your hunger
Here’s what I regularly have with me: raw almonds; apple; orange; Babybel cheese; banana; carrots; water.
What I would also recommend is peanut butter and crackers, either the ones you buy already put together or make them yourself with Saltines or Ritz crackers. Just be careful not to use too much peanut butter as it has a lot of calories and fat. Use in moderation. Believe me, I know how tough that is. I could just eat peanut butter right out of the jar.
Jerky is also an easy and good snack, which is loaded with protein.
These are all easy things to grab and don’t need to be refrigerated (except for the cheese–but it doesn’t have to be ice cold).
What other items do you have easily available as a snack?