Review Wednesday: Saying yes to Yes to Carrots …

Yes to

Yes to Carrots makes a variety of products: shampoo and conditioner; facial cloths; lip butters; moisturizers; eye gel; body butter, etc.

When I was running the toy drive at work in December one of my friends/co-workers gave me some Yes to samples to add to the makeup “kits” (caboodle boxes) I had put together for some of the older girls.
I got samples of cleansers, lotions, eye gel, lip butter, etc.
I decided to keep a few for myself to try out and then, of course, write a review for Go Fit Girl!
I took only samples I thought my nose could handle.
I have a high sensitivity to perfumes and smelly lotions and such, which give me what I call mini-migraines, raging headache and nausea.
Here are the samples I grabbed and tried myself:

  • Yes to Carrots: Deliciously Rich Body Butter The smell was subtle. It had an earthy almost dirt smell. But it was still lingering and I wasn’t a fan. I think the “perfumey” smell was almond oil. The actual body butter was pretty amazing. Though the sample wasn’t big enough for me to give it a fair review.
  • Yes to Tomatoes: Facial Hydrating Lotion I could do without the perfumey smell. I love the product, just not the smell. And I wish it had SPF. Yes to does have an SPF line, which includes moisturizers. I really loved how it made my skin feel. (Unfortunately I could not find this product on the website. Maybe it is no longer available?)
  • Yes to Cucumbers: Soothing Eye Gel The smell is gentle. And I love how it cools and makes the skin under my eyes feel firm and bright.
  • Yes to Carrots Lip Butter in Mint and Citrus: I am a huge Chapstick fan. It is a must have for me to carry lip balm at all times. The lip butters feel great on my lips. I like both the citrus and mint. But the mint gives my lips a little tingle. They probably don’t last as long on my lips as the Chapstick. But otherwise I love the feel of them. And the smell of them is perfect for me. Most of the lip butters don’t come with SPF, which is a bummer.

After trying some of the samples I decided I really liked them and wanted to buy some products. I went to the website and perused and picked out a few things to purchase. I have also seen items at Target (where I purchased a few more things) and Walgreens. Apparently most drug stores sell the Yes to products.
I ordered lip butters for myself and Comment Contest Tuesday winners. I also ordered shampoo and conditioner; facial wipes and eye gel.
The Yes to Carrots scalp relief shampoo and conditioner are amazing. They claim they will clear up dry scalp in seven days. I don’t wash my hair every day so I haven’t actually used the product seven times … yet. But it definitely seems to be making a difference. And I love the citrus smell.
The facial wipes and eye gel (both part of the cucumber line) have a light and agreeable smell. The facial wipes are perfect for travel or for when I hit the gym right after work and I need to remove my makeup.
Once I decided on the items I wanted to order I put in my order on a Tuesday night. The next day I received an e-mail that one of my items was on back order. The following Tuesday I realized I hadn’t received my order. I planned to check in and forgot. Two days later I received a call asking me about my billing address being different than my shipping address. I explained that the shipping address was work. She told me if there were any issues with that they would contact me. About a week/week and a half went by and no package. I called and they told me the item on back order was holding things up. I was annoyed because that had never been relayed to me. I asked them to cancel that part of the order. The woman I dealt with on the phone had amazing customer service. And I realize it was just some sort of mix up. I finally got my items (along with some samples) … about a month after I put my order in.
Recently I found everything I would want at Target and plan to buy my future Yes to products there.
The Yes to products are organic with a line of natural skin and hair care.
Part of the Yes to Mission is that they strive to make affordable kick-ass products that work and make people feel good.
Yes to is also involved in what they call a Seed Fund, where they help feed thousands of kids by planting school gardens in the US and Africa where they create a global community of students working together toward mutual learning, teaching and understanding.
I love their products and their mission and philanthropy ways. Except for a few yuck smells and the shipping mix up I love Yes to and recommend others to try their products out. Go to Target to buy your Yes to products and you will be satisfied.


If there hadn’t been the shipping mix up and some of the unfortunate smells Yes to would have gotten 4 1/2 to 5 dumbbells. I absolutely love their products and mission and that they are willing to help others.