Small break from clean eating


This photo is a reenactment of the wine and cheese and other amazing things that I enjoyed last night. 

When one tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle there are always bumps in the road.
Last night one of our law firms took my boss who is about to retire (have I mentioned that yet? That’s one of the BIG changes going on at work and in my life. He has been my boss for almost eight years) and our team out to dinner.
I looked at the menu ahead of time online. I do this often to find something to pick out and be ready to order when the time comes. This helps to already have a decision made and not be swayed by other items or even the specials or what others may be ordering. My mind is made up.
But the menu didn’t have a lot of plates and was more of an hors d’oeuvres kind of place.
So what I decided last night as I was looking at the amazing cheese and meat plates and ham hock sliders and empanadas and the delicious wine that was being poured that I would just go with it.
Eat the cheese, drink the wine, dabble in the desserts. And get back to healthy eating today, which is what I did (for the most part).
One of my friends/co-workers last night said: We can eat clean tomorrow. I asked two co-workers today: Are we eating clean?