Comment Contest Tuesday winners announced


Let’s get ready for next month’s Monthly Challenge. Oh yea! Let’s hula!

Thanks, ladies for the awesome and fun comments about old school “exercise.”
Last week’s Comment Contest Tuesday challenged readers to come up with old school exercises they do now, did when they were kids, their kids do or the neighborhood kids do. (This is to get us in preparation for April’s Monthly Challenge–think hula hooping and jumping rope.)
Out of all the awesome comments below (and more–see full comments at link here) a random drawing was done and some of the ladies won a little prize.
The following commenters were picked from a random drawing: Jen F. and Andrea both won a Toys R Us gift card to buy their own hula hoop and Alicia and Monica and Brenda won a jump rope.
Jen C. and Nicole M., I appreciate your comments and participation.
You and all of my readers still have time to head out and get your old school hula hoops and jump ropes for next month’s Monthly Challenge.
Some of the old school exercises friends/readers mentioned are:

  • Frog hops
  • Running up bleachers for soccer practice
  • You can never go wrong with doing the basics: squats, push-ups, and sit-ups. You can get a total body workout that way
  • Fitness class called “hoop your buns off”
  • The super cool old-school things that my kids and their class mates do include: dodge ball (with soft balls!), jump rope and double-unders (no bounce in the middle – super-fast jumping) bear crawls, relay races, monkey bars, handstands, and what they call box jumps, where you jump with two feet onto the tallest box you can find.
  • Tag. My kids love running around and chasing each other and me. Sometimes all the neighborhood kids get involved. Talk about a pure cardio workout.
  • (In school, my) PE class usually had a special “treat” when we accomplished all our regular goals. Kickball. That was super fun, didn’t take a lot of skill, and I imagine it was a good workout!
  • The name is zoom ball … you basically have to shoot the ball from one player to the other. The ball is positioned on a double rope, and the rope is attached to four handles (two for each player). You need to open your arm wide in order for the ball to reach the other player … a good upper body workout!!
  • I remember doing jumping jacks in middle school and I still occasionally do them. When I was about 7 or 8 my parents bought my sister and me a hula hoop and a lemon twister.