Lazy days are just what I needed

lazy days

Napping, watching TV and knitting made up a good part of my relaxing weekend.

I had lots of plans for this long weekend. I actually took Friday off to give myself a four-day weekend.
I got many things checked off my to do list, but not as many items got checked off as I would have liked.
Maybe my list was unrealistic.
Or maybe I just did what I needed to do to take care of me. Most items on the list weren’t critical to be done this weekend. And the higher priority items were taken care of.
My life is very busy and pretty routine and each day has some sort of purpose and plan (not necessarily all day, but usually parts of it).
Sundays I usually get up in the morning and hit the grocery and then a Vinyasa Yoga class. Yesterday I got up and I just felt tired and out of sorts.
So I decided to take care of me and just take it easy. I vegged in front of the TV and napped.
Eventually I had to hit the grocery for our cook out with our neighbors. It took all the energy I could muster to just get myself.
Curt and I had tickets for an A’s game today. We had plans to hit the gym this morning and then head to the game. I made a decision to have a lazy morning to vege watch TV and knit. I figured The Husband would be OK with the decision to take it easy this morning and be lazy.
Sometimes I feel guilty when I don’t get my daily exercise in. This time around I don’t and am glad I took it easy.