Learning to let go

let go

The day spa where I get my massages is always peaceful and tranquil with set ups like the one pictured above.

In February I wrote about having a tough time with work and life. In that time I was striving to learn to let go. It is much more difficult than it sounds.
There is a great poem called Let Go, which one of my yoga teachers (Vickie) shared with class at the end of a practice one night.
In the past few months I have made some changes in my life to make me a better person and to start letting go of things that are negative and don’t really matter. I still struggle with this. But I aim for it as much as I possibly can.
Tonight while getting my monthly massage I started thinking about the idea of letting go.
I’m learning to let go physically, mentally and emotionally.
Between regularly attending yoga and getting regular massages I have physically learned to let go.
In yoga class we are reminded that while in a difficult pose we should “try to soften something.” That could be as simple as smiling while in the challenging pose.
While getting a massage I have learned to relax my body and let my massage therapist rub, pull and move my arms and legs instead of me making any effort.
Mentally and emotionally letting go are much more complex and difficult.
But when you think about holding onto those negative feelings … where does that get you? Nowhere. Maybe just more angry or sad or frustrated or upset or pissed off.