Plain Greek yogurt in the mix


Plain Greek yogurt and honey is a yummy snack/dessert.

One of the challenges for Go Fit Girl’s June Monthly Challenge is to experiment with plain Greek yogurt in various meals.
Before this challenge started I had already been experimenting with the Greek yogurt, which is why I thought it would be fun to make it part of the nutrition challenge this month.
Here’s what I have tried:

  • I substituted sour cream with plain Greek yogurt on my baked potatoes. Great substitute.
  • I used the plain Greek yogurt to make a cream sauce for my penne pasta and sautéed tomatoes. It looked gross but it tasted amazing.
  • I used 12 a cup to a cup and drizzled about a tablespoon of honey over the yogurt. It’s a yummy snack and/or dessert.
  • I experimented with a Morningstar “Chicken” Patty on a toasted hot dog bun, which had a dollop of plain Greek yogurt and some hot sauce. Eh, it was just OK. But it just tasted like I added the yogurt … with no added value to it.
  • I used the yogurt to make creamed spinach. It was rather tasty.

Fruit and granola are good things to mix in as well.
I bought another vat of plain Greek yogurt at the grocery this morning. I hope to come up with a few other ideas. But I would love to hear what you have been trying or maybe something you have been doing already.
What have you all been doing with the yogurt?