Comment Contest Tuesday announcement


One of the prizes available is a personalized essential oil by Dorothy. This one was made just for me.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the most recent Comment Contest Tuesday.
The Comment Contest Tuesday was connected to Go Fit Girl’s September Monthly Challenge where GFG! readers were asked to come up with healthy ways to improve their lifestyle that they don’t have time for.
Recently in my yoga teacher training we are learning to ask ourselves What is important for me? What are my priorities? What do I want to make time for?
For the Comment Contest Tuesday I asked my readers to post their challenges and for others to come up with advice and solutions.
There were so many great comments. The best part for me was to see my readers to be so supportive of one another. It was beautiful and amazing.
I am not a mom, so I can only give so much advice to those who struggle with their time for themselves, their children, job, etc.
It will take me some time to sort out the winners. Yes, I said, winners. This Comment Contest Tuesday has multiple prizes.
Thanks again to those who participated to show support to Go Fit Girl! I asked my readers to make a commitment to be more active in the Monthly Challenges.
There is still time to participate in the Monthly Challenge even if you didn’t participate in Comment Contest Tuesday. Check out the Go Fit Girl! Monthly Challenge Facebook group.
For those who participated you have a chance or chances to win:

  • Be More Yogic (3-month) membership
  • Handmade eye pillow (made by my mother-in-law)
  • Personalized blend of essential oil, made by Dorothy of AcuSpa.

For those of you who didn’t participate, well, what can I say? You should have …