Practicing Sun Salutations

High lunge is one of the asanas (poses) regularly practiced in a Sun Salutation.

High lunge is one of the asanas (poses) that can be regularly practiced in a Sun Salutation.

In yoga teacher training class on Thursday night we worked on Surya Namaskars (Sun Salutations).
There are a variety of ways to practice Sun Salutations (aka sun salutes). The one linked here is basically what we worked on Thursday night.
We built on the sequence in class. The idea was, how do you teach a beginner student sun salutes? We worked with the idea of starting with Sun Salutations as easy and moving toward difficult.
In class on Thursday we “attacked” sun salutes as a beginner. How would a beginner practice? What modifications need to be made for a beginner?
As we continued with the sun salutes we tried the flow with a little more difficulty each time around.
Ann reminded us that the sun is the bestower of life. The sun salute is is a circular Vinyasa flow. Sun salutes are about flow, methodical thinking, building and deliberate Vinyasa sequence.
The original idea behind practicing sun salutes was to salute the bestower of life. The Vinyasa flow is typically done in the morning facing East.
But for many of us life doesn’t allow for yoga practice in the morning and for many of us yogis and yoginis we practice in the evening because of our jobs or life or both.
Yoga Journal posted an article Here Comes the Sun about Sun Salutations if you want to read more on this.
The main reason (for a modern practice) for practicing sun salutes is to warm up the body and prepare it for other asanas (poses).
If you are trying to come up with an easy to do and easy to remember home practice, why not try a variety of sun salutes?