Comment Contest Tuesday: 5 for 5

5 for 5

Are these great jazz hands or what? This month’s theme is 5 for 5. Tell GFG! what you are doing and you could win a prize.

This Comment Contest Tuesday stems from Go Fit Girl’s December Monthly Challenge: Free(ish) for 5.
In the spirit of the holiday season we are usually thinking about others, which makes us amazing people. But we also have to make sure we take care of ourselves.
In the spirit of 5 for 5, over the next two weeks tell me 5 things you attempt each day or over the two weeks. (This Comment Contest Tuesday is going to last from today until Tuesday, Dec. 17). But you can can continue 5 for 5 this whole month and beyond.
This CCT is simple and we can all participate.
Some 5-minute ideas: Meditate for 5 minutes; take a brisk 5-minute walk; try handstand or headstand for 5 minutes (this one is definitely one for me); do crunches for 5 minutes; do a couple of relaxing yoga poses for 5 minutes …
Some 5-things ideas: Let 5 cars ahead of you while in traffic (doesn’t have to be all at once); smile at 5 strangers; give 5 strangers a compliment; find 5 things you like about yourself; pick up 5 pieces of trash (maybe while on your 5-minute walk); have 5 servings of water before having an adult beverage; have 5 fruits/veggies 5 times this month (or more) …
5 bucks: Since it is the holiday season we could give just a little. If money is tight but you still want to give maybe you could donate $5. Think about the food bank and toy drives.
Just 5 bucks at the food bank can go a long way. According to Alameda County Food Bank (the local food bank I support), they distribute $4 worth of food (retail value) for every $1 donation. According to my hometown food bank site in Tucson, $1 equals almost $9 worth of food. According to another food bank website: For every dollar, the food bank can acquire 15 pounds of food, or 11 meals for those in need.
You could also volunteer 5 times this month or help 5 people. Maybe someone needs help shopping at the grocery store; or crossing the street; or help filling out paperwork at the bank; or carrying something heavy to their car, or needs a seat on the bus or train …
Thanks again to Nicole for this great idea. I love it.
From today until Tuesday, December 17 at noon Pacific time post the Free(ish) for 5 you are doing or planning to do. For each comment you post you will get your name thrown in the random drawing for a prize.
Only comments in the actual post count. I love getting Facebook comments, Twitter comments and e-mails. But those won’t count for the drawing participation.