Playing Retail Secret Santa


Layaway receipt.

Last year one of my friends posted on Facebook that he had paid off some layaways at Toy R Us at Christmastime.
I was in Tucson when I read this and was inspired.
My mother-in-law and I had gone to a yoga class one evening and I asked her if she would be willing to brave the crazy crowds (it was just two days before Christmas) to pay off some layaways. She was in.
(I wrote about this last year.)
We headed to Toys R Us and we’re disappointed to find out that their Christmas layaway program was closed. If the layaways weren’t paid off by a certain date the money deposited was returned and the items were put back on the shelf.
Not too discouraged we headed to Kmart, where we were able to pay off some layaways. Our hearts felt so big and warm afterward.
Knowing the Toy R Us deadline I made sure to not miss it this year. On Saturday I headed to the Toys R Us near me and helped three families put presents under the tree this year.
The woman helping me was grinning ear to ear the whole time we were working on the transaction. Other employees came by and told me how much they love Secret Santas. The woman who worked with me has the pleasure of calling the people and telling them a Secret Santa paid off their layaway and they can come by and get their items.
I have mentioned my deed from last year and this year to others and guess what? They loved the idea and are doing it as well.
I know money is tight for many, so this isn’t always something you can do. But if you can, you should. You feel so good afterward. And you make a stressful and tough time a little easier for someone else.
It truly is a blessing to be able to help others in any way you can. Whether you donate money, time, skills, etc. It all makes a difference.
The Toys R Us pay off deadline has passed. But there are still other places you can go. I went to Kmart last year just two days before Christmas. Details on places that do layaway are here.