Bringing Your Heart Into Backbends

DY Flier-web-version-2As a yoga teacher challenges can come up in a class you hadn’t planned for or expected.
Last night my friend Sandra and I co-taught a beginner yoga class, which is part of the Summer Series fellow Deep Yoga teacher graduates and I are involved in.
We taught a beginner backbend class, which we titled Bringing Your Heart Into Backbends.
In the Bay Area we are having a sort of heat wave. It’s no Arizona heat wave. But when you don’t have air conditioning or ceiling fans it can get pretty sweaty.
With any sort of physical activity you have to be careful with the heat. About a third of our students were true beginners. We wanted everyone to take care of themselves and be safe.
Sandra and I didn’t plan for the heat or some of the challenges some of our beginner students were going to have in class. But all of it was a great learning experience. And that was what this was about, learning and getting some teaching under our belts.
I was much less nervous this time than my first class at Mindful Yoga in Tucson at the end of June. (I wrote about my first class here.)
One of the great things about this series of classes for my fellow graduates and me is that after each class we sit and debrief and get feedback from one of our teachers, Richard.
Thank you to all of our students last night. Thank you for letting us teach you and letting us learn at the same time.
There are four more classes in the Summer Series. Great for beginners and a reasonable price for a yoga class. See attached flier above for more details.