A Bay Area grateful list on this holiday

the jar project

The jar project is part of this month’s GFG! Monthly Challenge.

For many of us in the United States we celebrate Thanksgiving today.
I try to remember to be thankful and grateful every day in my life.
And today  I am going to write about it.
One of the GFG! November Monthly Challenges is the jar project.
Throughout the month I have been adding slips of paper every day to my mason jar (see picture to the left) with positive things I have experienced.
Most of the things I have been grateful for this month have been small. But it’s the small and simple things that we sometimes forget about.
Since this will be my last Thanksgiving in the Bay Area (as we are heading to Portland in the new year) I thought I would focus today’s grateful/thankful list mostly on the Bay Area.
(That doesn’t mean I am not grateful for my family and the friends who don’t live here and lots of other stuff. I am just getting nostalgic about leaving the Bay Area.)
I am grateful/thankful for:

  • My GFG! readers, friends, supporters. (I know you guys will follow me wherever I go.)
  • My spin friends.
  • The yoga girls!
  • Sushiya (our favorite sushi place).
  • The Husband.
  • All of my amazing yoga teachers.
  • My amazing and close Bay Area friends. (I am lucky to have some amazing and supportive people in my life.)
  • My yoga students.
  • Gas only bring $3.07 when I filled up today.
  • Thanksgiving Day yoga (where the money goes to charity).
  • The awesome opportunity I was given to teach three regular yoga classes at a gym for months while the regular teacher was on maternity leave. I feel really lucky and grateful for this, especially as a new yoga teacher.
  • McNally’s (our favorite dive bar).
  • All of the amazing text messages I saw this morning as I was leaving Thanksgiving Day yoga. Thanks for the smiles, friends.
  • All of my Onyx friends.
  • Piedmont Yoga Studio.
  • My gym friends and others who were willing to let me teach a cycling class when the regular teacher didn’t show up. (I’m getting really good at this being bossy thing. Though, I will admit, it’s pretty natural.)
  • Namaste Yoga Studio.
  • Girl dates!
  • My yoga teacher training friends.
  • My hobby of knitting.
  • Restorative Yoga workshops.
  • The neighborhood I live in (Rockridge).
  • My yoga classes (where I am a student).
  • Cheesemas (and its inventors).
  • Cato’s (where the yoga girls go for drinks after yoga).

I hope everyone has a safe and warm Thanksgiving. And get ready to prepare yourselves for a crazy month ahead of us. There will be a December challenge to hopefully help everyone get through the crazy times and remind ourselves to take a breath and relax.