Review Wednesday: Aveda's Scalp Remedy


Aveda’s Scalp Remedy helps with dry scalp.

I have dry scalp, which shouldn’t be confused with dandruff.
I won’t go into all of the details. If you want to know more feel free to look it up.
What I will quote from a blog post titled There is a difference between dandruff & dry scalp is that dry scalp is due to loss of moisture from the skin and can be caused by the application of soap, strong detergents, cold weather, product build up, hard water, and diet (example: caffeine).
When we switch from summer to fall my scalp gets a little irritated. But when we switch from fall to winter my scalp goes nuts.
Over the years I have tried all kinds of things, including dandruff shampoos, which don’t work for my dry scalp.
At the suggestion of my hair stylist (years ago) I decided to try Aveda’s Scalp Remedy.
It’s a spray that I massage into my scalp. I have found it works best right after I have washed my hair (which I only do about twice a week) while my hair is still wet.
If possible I like to have the Scalp Remedy on my scalp over night. But sometimes it is just on for an hour or two.
The spray rinses out with just water but the magic seems to stay on the scalp.
(The Aveda Scalp Benefits shampoo and conditioner add a little bit of a benefit. But I actually use multiple shampoos/conditioners.)
If I get what I call a hot spot–either itchy or flaky spot–I spray the spot and rub out the flakes or itch and then rinse that spot with water.
Leaving the spray in makes my hair look dirty and greasy and I smell like minty fresh toothpaste.
But it works so those negatives are the least of my worries. (Plus rinsing it out of the hair is pretty easy.)
Aveda’s Scalp Remedy is a little expensive at $26 for 4.2 ounces. But a bottle lasts a long time.
And it took me years to find something that really worked and didn’t cause other issues. (I have tried different oils–tea tree, vitamin E, etc.–but those are so difficult to wash out of my hair.)
If your scalp needs a little pick me up or even a big one I suggest Aveda’s Scalp Remedy.


Aveda’s Scalp Remedy works well for dry scalps. I give it 4 1/2 dumbbells.