Enjoying vacation

rib eye

Curt and I had a delicious dinner one night at Wolfgang Puck’s. I had a nice cab with my rib-eye steak.

Since the end of 2006 I have been a fairly healthy person.
In October 2006 I joined Weight Watchers and started on the venture to lose about 30 pounds.
In March of 2007 I started regularly exercising, which still continues to this day. (And now I teach other people to exercise and practice yoga.)
I work hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes it is easy. And sometimes it is a struggle.
Since I am healthy the majority of the time I allow myself to be unhealthy (or go off plan in the WW world) from time to time.
When I travel I want to enjoy food and drinks without having to worry about my caloric intake. Sometimes I am great with the exercise and other times it suffers. (I have been getting my yoga practice in every day since we have been here.)
But here’s the thing, I have fun while on vacation and then when I get home things get back to normal and healthy again.
Curt and I are in Las Vegas with friends for a long fun March Madness weekend.

yoga on balcony

Morning yoga on the balcony of our room.

There is sports watching, a little gambling, lots of eating and drinking (especially the cheap brewed beer at Ellis Island), sun worshipping, laughing, yelling and just lots and lots of fun.
Sometimes me slipping off the wagon is intentional, like this weekend. Other times things just happen.
We have to remember that tomorrow is another day and we get a do over whenever we want and whenever we are ready.
And we can’t be so hard on ourselves. I have to remind myself of this from time to time as well.
And hey, life happens.
I will enjoy my drinks by the pool and Italian dinner out tonight and be OK with it.
And tomorrow is another day …