The amazing vinegar


A combination of vinegar and water gets my yoga mats clean and smelling fresh.

Vinegar is an amazing ingredient.
I love it with my balsamic over my salads, in my Tabasco to spice things up, a dash of it in a family salsa recipe …
Vinegar can also be used as a household helper.
I have used it to kill weeds, when I was in college I worked at Petsmart we would mix water and vinegar in a spray bottle and clean the outside of the fish tanks with the mix because it wouldn’t harm the fish, it works with cleaning my Keurig coffeemaker (and yes, I know there are issues with ownership of this coffeemaker) and even clean my yoga mats.
As I was cleaning all of my yoga mats this week I started thinking about how amazing and versatile vinegar is. (All yoga mats … as in five [I have six. But since I haven’t used that one since the last time I cleaned I let it be.])
If you want to read about all the miraculous things vinegar does you can read here and here and here.
From a video I watched and some stuff I have read it also seems that vinegar (sometimes in combination with other things) can unclog drains; make smells go away; “scrub” pots and pans; capturing pesky bugs … and so many more things.
You can click on the links above to read more about the wonderment of vinegar.
The other great thing is that vinegar is inexpensive and come come in bulk and it isn’t harsh.