50 years of marriage

50 years

Marilyn and Ed on their wedding day 50 years ago today.

Today my mother-in-law and father-in-law, Marilyn and Ed, celebrate 50 years of marriage.
I met Marilyn and Ed a little more than 15 years ago in Missouri (where they live) at a family reunion.
They were warm and kind and made me feel welcome in their home.
Over the years they have continued to make me feel welcome and part of the family. I’m not just their daughter-in-law, I’m their daughter as well.
Marilyn and Ed have two sons, Craig and Curt.
I feel so grateful that they wanted to be in the Pacific Northwest for their anniversary. They are hanging out with Curt and me to celebrate.
Last night was a treat for them as their oldest son, Craig, was in town for work and the four (along with some others) of them went out to dinner. (I was teaching last night.)
Today they head to the coast for a night over in Newport.
On Saturday the four of us will head out to dinner to celebrate (again)!


Craig and Curt in their earlier years.

Lots of celebrating going on. But at 50 years that is definitely something to celebrate over and over.
My stepdad recently mentioned that Marilyn and Ed were of the 6 percent, meaning 6 percent of couples have been married 50 years or longer. So I decided to do some digging on that.
I found various articles quoting the U.S. Census, including this Washington Post article: According to the census statistics, more than half of the nation’s married couples have been together at least 15 years. About a third have marked their 25th anniversaries, and 6 percent have been married more than 50 years.
Happy anniversary, Marilyn and Ed! We love you!