Review Wednesday: Jamberry nail wraps


My first attempt at a full Jamberry manicure.

I have talked about my thin, peeling nails before.
For more than a year I have been trying to get them back to healthy with no more peeling.
I started using Nail-Aid after gel rescue, which seemed to help a little. I also started taking calcium every day.
My friend Heather is a Jamberry consultant. I asked her to send me a sample.
I tried the sample on my pinkies. I am hard on any nail polish on my fingers. The sample lasted on my nails until I removed them, which was nine days.
My samples only “chipped” ever so slightly throughout the time I had them on. The nail wraps don’t really chip like regular polish does.
The true test of Jamberry was when I washed my hair. After I washed my hair while wearing them and saw that they were holding strong I went to Heather’s Jamberry site and ordered a sheet of Glacier nail wraps.
One sheet is $15, plus shipping and handling. The cost is a little steep and I think the S&H is too high. What I did find out with my second order was that whether I order one sheet or four the S&H is $3.99. And if you buy three sheets the fourth is free.
But if they last a week or two, especially through multiple hair washings, then the price is definitely worth it. And they do. They last anywhere from 10-15 days.
One sheet can go for at least two manicures (or pedicures) and possibly three. (I recently found out if you divide up the wraps just right you can get two manicures and two pedicures from one sheet.)
The sisters who came up with Jamberry nail wraps say: Gone are the mani/pedis that take all afternoon and most of your cash, too!
The nail wraps are definitely much cheaper than getting a mani/pedi. But for me the important part of the mani/pedi is the pampering, the massaging and the cuticle work. The color is just an added bonus.

jamberry take 2

My second attempt at a Jamberry full manicure went on well. And the right hand looks pretty good.

The other benefit of these nail wraps is that I have a “coat” of polish on my nails that stays (much longer than if I do it myself or get a professional manicure) and will keep my nails protected while they grow out and get passed the peeling.
I think a big appeal is that many of the nail wraps have designs. That is not something I am into. But I know a lot of people who are. I want my wraps to look like actual polish. And they do.
I’ve found that the edges can get a little snaggy from time to time. But a quick filing of the nail does the trick.
I ordered my first set of nail wraps on a Friday afternoon. They arrived the following Thursday. (Second order I put in on a Thursday and they arrived on a Monday!)
The more I use them the better I have gotten at placing them on my fingers.

jamberry nail wraps

The various sheets of Jamberry nail wraps I have purchased in Glacier, Stargazing, Tungsten, Almond Ombre and Daydream.

I have longed for pretty looking nails, hell, I will go with not ugly, gross, peeling, normal-looking nails.
I’ve always had thin, weak, not so pretty nails.
They look so pretty now. And the wraps are easy to apply. It takes longer than applying a couple of coats of polish. But once the wraps are on you don’t have to wait for them to dry.
It takes me about 30 minutes to apply the wraps.
And really, the “polish” hardly “chips” and stays on for about two weeks.
After a week of having the full set on my nails and they still looked pretty good I decided to put in the second order. Like I said earlier, if you buy three sheets you get one sheet free. And the S&H was the same, $3.99.
First set I had on for 12 days and they still looked pretty good when I removed. Second set I took off after 10 days. The second set didn’t do as well as the first. The third set lasted until until I removed them after 15 days. And I have to say the third set were the best and looked great even when I removed them.
After applying my second set, which went much more smoothly than the first, I realized after a couple of hours one was missing from my middle finger. WHA? And then I looked at my other hand and the middle finger on the other hand was missing a wrap. Did I forget to apply on those nails? Nope, the wraps had come off. I did what the directions said and had no issues my first time around.
I reapplied and they remained on for two days and then … again one of the same wraps was missing. I applied a new wrap and it lasted until I removed it the following week. But the day before I removed the second set the first wrap that had fallen off earlier came off again. I was not at home. So I just smashed it back on the nail and hoped it would stay. And it did until I removed it.
By the time I got to applying the third set I was a little more of a pro. The third set lasted for 15 days, until I removed them. They still looked really great when I removed. I even had someone at the nail salon comment on how great they looked a day before I removed them.
My fourth set was good for 15 days and then one fell off. I removed them and decided to give my nails a break for a few days. (First application on my finger nails was May 21).

jamberry toes

My Jamberry pedicure in Stargazing.

I decided to try the Jamberry nail wraps on my toes. The application was a little tougher to do.
Toe nails are smaller, weirder shaped and not as smooth. At least for me anyway. So that made applying them a little more difficult.
Also our feet and toes don’t have as much turn and movement as hands and fingers. So trying to look at the back and trim and file was a little more difficult.
But my toes look pretty good once the application was complete. The wraps on the toes lasted for a whole month.
After about two months of using the wraps I put in a third order.
I get compliments on my nails pretty often.
Jamberry offers lots of colors and designs. Pretty much anything you could think of for your nails, Jamberry has them.
Another friend who is also a Jamberry consultant told me that since you can get two manicures and two pedicures out of a sheet each manicure or pedicure comes out to about 3 bucks each (when you buy three sheets and get one free). The price is right!
If you have the patience and like to have nice color that doesn’t chip I recommend Jamberry nail wraps. For the most part they last 10-14 days (sometimes longer).
I am not a Jamberry consultant and don’t intend on being one. I just like the product and think you might, too.
My nails have recovered nicely and are less peely and are looking pretty good. I have been using the Jamberry nails wraps for almost four months. They are looking and becoming more healthy.
I love my pretty looking nails!


Jamberry nail wraps are reasonably priced (buy three get one free) and for the most part last 10-14 days. I plan to continue wearing them on my nails. Thanks to Heather for introducing me to Jamberry. Jamberry nail wraps get 4 1/2 dumbbells from GFG!