I have so much gratitude

fireplace at turtles yoga

Keeping warm by the “fire” at Turtles Yoga & Wellness.

I have many things to show gratitude for. I am grateful and thankful for so many things.
And I am not just thankful today but every day.
I have amazing people in my life, my family, my friends, my husband and my students (cycle and yoga).
I feel very fortunate that a little more than a year ago I was able to quit my corporate job and dedicate myself to teaching. It doesn’t pay well, but the other benefits are so rewarding.
In my short time of teaching I have developed some amazing connections with my students.
I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to have someone confide in you or share something very personal. Or tell you how much better they feel after a yoga practice. Or I that’s exactly what I needed (a practice for the low back, shoulders, digestion, etc.). Or thanks for a fun class after a cycle class. Or how I allowed for them to experience and honor their own body. Or how I allowed them to feel whatever emotions they were feeling. … etc.
This morning I taught a special class at Turtles Yoga & Wellness called Celebrate Being Grateful. I had a full and fun class.
We practiced gratitude while recognizing how blessed we are in this life. We practiced a Hatha alignment-based class as we move mindfully while breathing deeply. We explored yoga poses that aid in digestion. We also opened our hearts with some supportive Restorative Yoga poses to end class.
I feel so lucky to teach in a beautiful space. I love Turtles and feel so grateful to teach there. The students and yoga community are so amazing. We are Turtles family.
I love teaching. I can’t describe how amazing I feel while sharing my love of yoga. To see my students progress, or share something with them or them with me, to know I have made them feel better or just OK about something going on with them physically, emotionally, mentally. I make jokes and have fun.
I believe yoga should be accessible to every body and everybody. And as I teacher I will continue to make that a reality for myself and my students.
So thank you to my students for allowing me to be your teacher.