Each day is a gift …

FryeWe need to remember how precious each day is and live life to the fullest.
I recently lost a student in cycle class. It was traumatic and scary.
The very first cycle class I taught in the Portland-area I was a little nervous to teach as I was still new at teaching cycle, I was taking over a class where the students were used to their regular teacher (who went on maternity leave) and later I found out the group had been cycling together for years.
But he introduced himself to me and made me feel welcome.
He was a kind man and had a big heart.
His loss is a big one.
I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to know him and have him as a part of my life.
In this tragedy I have gotten to know the family of my student, I have gotten closer with many of my cycle students and staff at the gym and I am reminded about what is really important in life.
Tell those you love that you love them. Tell those that you appreciate that you appreciate them. Tell those that you are grateful to have in your life that you are grateful.
At the service a friend of my student’s daughter came up to me and told me she knew I was the cycle teacher. Then she told me how much the daughter appreciated and was grateful that I reached out to her to talk. I was touched by that.
Many people I met told me how much my student loved my cycle classes and me as a teacher.
That meant so much to me.
I’m still so sad as the world lost a great person last week. But I am also so grateful to have had this kind and loving man in my life while I did.
Each day is a gift …