Yoga, a park and cats

Yoga in the Park Aug. 23

Yoga in the Park students practicing Virabhadrasana 3 (Warrior 3) on the evening of Tuesday, Aug. 23.

I taught two yoga classes in the park this month.
Practicing yoga under the sky with the cool grass below our feet and a view of trees and children playing was a great and fun experience.
I had students from my various public yoga classes join me for both Yoga in the Park with Ann classes.
Connecting with the earth, the ground, nature, each other under a blue or gray sky (one day was a little cloudy) with a green cool floor and green walls with the sounds of the outside world coming into our yoga class must be done one more time before the skies become gray and cold and wet in Portland.
Which means I’m going to teach one more Yoga in the Park with Ann next month.

little yoginis

Little yoginis practicing Virabhadrasana 3 (Warrior 3) on Tuesday, Aug. 23.

The details are below:
THE WHAT: Yoga in the Park with Ann
THE WHERE: Evelyn M. Schiffler Memorial Park, SW Erickson Ave., Beaverton, Ore.
THE TIME: 6-7 p.m.
THE DAY: Tuesday, Sept. 20
THE PRICE: Suggested donation of $5 (but no one will be turned away)
THE WHAT ELSE: Bring your yoga mat. Be dressed for a yoga class. Clothing should be comfortable.
Bring friends, kids, neighbors. Children are welcome as long as they are accompanied by an adult.
Feel free to bring a picnic to enjoy after class and hang out.
If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at
Purr Yoga
In Portland there is a cat cafe called Purringtons.

purr yoga

Me hanging out with one of the cats after Purr Yoga.

Purringtons is a different way for shelter cats to interact with humans and allow prospective adopters to see a cat in a home like environment. … Visits help with socialization of the cats, which lead to adoptions, according to the website.
You can visit the cats while munching on some light fare and sipping a meowmosa, wine, beer, coffee or tea.
Purringtons also has Purr Yoga.
My friend Karen and I visited Purringtons last year to visit with the cats while sipping meowmosas.
Last Sunday, Aug. 21, we attended our first Purr Yoga class.
We took an hour-long yoga class with the adorable, furry cats as they walked around, meowed, hissed, cuddled and just hung out.
After the yoga class we had a chance to hang out with the cats for a bit.
The cost of the class helps to support the cats and a local yoga teacher. It’s a win-win.