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2017-01-11 21:12 +0000

1.11.17 yoga video still

Click here to watch and practice yoga with me.

When I was teaching Tuesday evening as the first of the snow lightly started falling I told my yoga class that I might experiment with online yoga classes.
Well, experiment is what I did today.
In Portland we have had four snowstorms this winter. Snowpocalypse Part 4 is the worst and hopefully the last. This Arizona Girl is so over this! We had a lot of snow yesterday evening, last night and today.
During Snowpocalypse Part Deux (in mid-December) I did start to get a little stir crazy.
I couldn’t handle multiple days of being in the house and not teaching.
Snowpocalypse Part 4 wasn’t going to keep me from teaching yoga today.
Here’s a 40-minute video of me teaching a basic well-rounded yoga practice.
This was an experiment. There are things I realize need adjusting before the next video. But please feel free to come to me with feedback, comments, questions, advice, etc.  (You can comment below, on Facebook or e-mail me at
For now I will be recording these sessions on my phone–as that has the most room and it is the easiest to maneuver. And the microphone seemed pretty good. (Hey, it even picked up murmurs from the meeting The Husband was having downstairs and the neighbors’ dog barking.)
As Snowpocalypse continues you can keep updated with the status of my classes by clicking on the My Classes tab above or going here.

May we be happy and open to what life brings us. 

Keep peace in the mind … Strength in the body … And love in the heart