Bracket winners

The yoga theme champion is … the psoas (pronounced so-as)!
I am really surprised by this winner. I thought for sure it would be the neck.
But I do think the psoas is pretty awesome.
The psoas is one of the most important muscles in the body. It is a deep-seated muscle that originates at the front of the lumbar, runs along the inner surface of the pelvis and over the pubis to attach to the inner surface of the femur bone at the lesser trochanter.
It is the biggest and strongest  muscle of the hip flexors. It is the only muscle that bridges the torso with the legs. Psoas affects posture and helps to stabilize the spine. If it is out of balance it can contribute to low back pain and pelvic pain.
I had 120 entries for Ann’s March Madness Repeats Final Four brackets. As I mentioned above, the psoas was the yoga theme champion (which means it will be a repeated sequence during May Muscle Goodness.) The neck and feet tied for second place. Desk jockey and blank (as in the bracket was left blank) tied for third. The Ducks got one “vote” as did Duke. Some of the brackets were returned to me with messages such as: Go Ducks! Go KU! (BLEH!) and Go Tarheels!
The bracket random drawing winners won the following prizes:

All winners have been notified of their wining prize.
All prizes came from locally- and female-owned Portland-metro area businesses.
If you know of locally-owned and especially female-owned businesses in the Portland area, please let me know in the comments below or by e-mailing me at
I had fun with the brackets. I’m sure I will come up with another fun drawing in the future for my students. Stay tuned.