Lesson learned

So don’t have sushi the night before your WW weigh-in (WI). In fact, it probably isn’t a good idea to have sushi two days in a row right before your WI.
The scale said I gained two pounds. I know that I didn’t actually gain two pounds. It was water weight from the sodium. But it still sucks.
My leader said likely next week I will have a much more drastic drop in weight.
As they say on the WW message boards, I had a NSV (nonscale victory) with all the new clothes I bought. I mentioned my new clothing sizes in the meeting today. It was pretty exciting.
And I received a charm for my key chain. The key chain I got when I hit my 10% goal. The charm is for losing 25 pounds (which I hit 26 last week). I got the reward this week because last week I was the only one in the meeting so it wouldn’t have been much of a celebration! Ha!
Anyway, Erica and Casey are coming into town this weekend. So it will be a challenge to stay on track foodwise. Wish me luck.