You know you're a Weight Watcher when …

I was perusing the WW message boards and someone started this one.
These are the responses so far. Some are pretty funny. (Minor editing involved.)
You know you are a Weight Watcher when …

  • You literally lick the plate of every scrap because you counted those points and you’re eating every stinkin’ one of them!
  • You drank enough water this summer to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool.
  • You start to feel like you are dealin summin … summin … getting out the cups and measuring everything!
  • Your kids ask how many points is that? Are you really going to eat it?
  • You attempt to type “PBS” and your fingers automatically type “PB2.”
  • It takes you 2 hours to grocery shop because you are using your points calculator on everything.
  • Your boyfriend (husband/significant other) knows the points system.
  • You can’t get any work done during the day because you’re addicted to the WW boards!!!!
  • You bring your sub home from Subway and measure to see if it’s a full 6 inches. If it’s not, you curse the sandwich artist in your head for ripping you off!
  • You check the Starbucks nutritional information before you tell your co-worker yes (or no) to a coffee break. (Gotta make sure you have enough points for whatever drink you want and if you don’t you find one worth fewer points.)

Here is the link if you are curious.
And maybe more comments will appear.
Also feel free to add your own You know you’re a Weight Watcher when … in the comments.