A nice way to start the workweek, even if it is Monday

Went to yoga this morning. Man, that alarm went off way too soon it seemed. But I got myself up and off to yoga at the gym.
The kinda new teacher who instructs the Monday and Wednesday morning classes is just OK. She isn’t horrible. But she isn’t great either.
She does a great job of explaining things. Initially her style was way too mild. I didn’t feel like I was getting much out of it. But apparently at Mavericks they read the comment cards. A few of us commented that it was too mild. And she responded to that.
Recently I realized that the class was just boring. Way too much the same every time.
Today she asked us if we were bored. What new stuff did we want? I told her I loved that we did pigeon pose and dolphin today. We did shoulder stand today–which was good, too.
I also mentioned that Ajaia used to do Friday morning yoga against the wall. Tasha said she loves doing yoga against the wall. So she may start doing that. Yea! It is so different, but really cool.