Still trying to catch up with my water

The weekends are usually the hardest for me to maintain a good amount of water intake. Through in some travel and it is even worse. Add in a party with lots of beer and just forget it.
I woke up this morning with a headache and feeling very parched. After some Advil and a little water I started to feel much better.
I definitely didn’t drink enough water this weekend. And my goal is when I drink for every drink I have I have a serving of water. Mmmmm, that didn’t happen.
Our friends Don and Kristin had an amazing Oktoberfest party at their place last night. Great food, including dessert, and lots and lots of beer.
I do have to say I got some exercise in with some dancing.
(Oh, and, unfortunately, no workout this morning. Being dehydrated is no fun. And I slept horribly. So I decided to sleep in and make up for it.)