Answering Jen's question

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We will now move on to a question Jen posed to me recently: One thing Iโ€™d love to read about is how you keep your food in check โ€” itโ€™s one thing I struggle with, especially portion size and over-snacking in social settings. What works for you?
Answer: Thanks for this question, Jen. Let me first say, sometimes I am really good about keeping myself in check and other times everything I have learned I throw out the window and stuff my face. So keeping myself in check when it comes to food is still a challenge for me.
What I do have to say is no matter what I am eating … even if it is super unhealthy I am thinking about it. That is a big change in my behavior. In the past I would stuff a doughnut in my mouth and not give it a second thought. Now I may stuff a doughnut in my mouth, but I am still conscious of what I am eating.
Social settings can be really tough. Especially if I am standing near the appetizer table. So a good idea is to fill a small plate of goodies and STEP AWAY from the table. Grazing can be really bad. And once I start grazing I can’t really keep track of what I have put in my mouth.
Sometimes I eat something before attending a party. Maybe some soup, or a low-calorie mini meal so that I am not starving by the time I get to the party and stuff my face.
Sometimes I decide that I am going to have a good time and eat what I want at the party. So maybe for that day beforehand I make sure everything I eat and drink is low-calorie.
I try to remember to have a serving of water with every alcoholic beverage I have. That doesn’t always work. And the more alcohol I (or anyone) drinks the less likely I am to pay attention to what I am eating.
Being in Weight Watchers I have really learned about the feeling of satisfaction. So I try to take time to eat. I eat salad with my lunch and dinner, almost every time. That is filling and good for you and low calorie. I bring my lunch almost every day to work.
I also recommend learning what a portion really looks like. You will be surprised. They are much smaller than we imagine. Sometimes I measure my food. I have to do that with my pasta. Eye-balling a cup is not a good idea. ๐Ÿ™‚ I tend to overestimate.
If I know I will be tempted or I want to eat that big bowl of pasta at Tratorria La Siciliana later that evening I make sure I have earned it at the gym. A cardio class will get you in gear for that meal. Just remember that we tend of overestimate our workouts and underestimate our food intake.
Also, while eating something that maybe doesn’t taste that great or I don’t really like I ask myself if the cake or chips or whatever is really worth the calories. If it isn’t, then why I am eating it?
It is hard to track food intake while eating out. So my regular rule of thumb is to cut my plate of food in half with my fork. You can also ask your server to box half of the food up before it even gets to the table. Or you can split a meal with someone you are dining with–I don’t usually like to do that.
Jen, let me know if that answers your question. I realize this is a rather long answer. And please, let me know if you have any other questions.