I kinda suck

I haven’t worked out since last Wednesday.
And I have a ton of excuses. Well, I did take a yoga class Wednesday morning anticipating my flu shot that late morning. The nurse told me I shouldn’t work out or party until the weekend.
My arm was still sore Thursday so no kickboxing. Friday Curt and I headed to Tucson. I did take workout clothes with me and I never used them. I was supposed to workout while at the Arizona Inn. I had even checked ahead of time if they had a fitness center, which they did.
And I also ate like crap over the weekend. Fried mac and cheese anyone. Had that at the airport yesterday. It was sooooo yummy.
I didn’t go to yoga this morning because I was exhausted from coming home late last night. And after work tonight, forget it.
My week is going to be all thrown off, between a meeting tomorrow when I should be at yoga, to needing to run errands and get stuff done in the evenings at home. To possible jury duty on Wednesday. To my brother and his girlfriend coming into town Friday. To losing a legal team member at work this week. So this week is going to be nuts.