Step & Sculpt

I took a new class at the gym last night. New to the gym and new to me.
I had taken step before and I just didn’t like it. It takes me time to learn a combo and before I have we are already moving onto the next one.
But my friend Kim told me that the new class was not as much step. She was right. There was still a little more than I would have liked. And stuff that I just couldn’t keep up with I would do my own thing to keep moving.
About 30-40 mins was cardio. Then the last 20 was the sculpting.
Where I really need work are my thighs, butt and hips. And I just hate lunges and squats. But I do them on demand.
It was a good class. I was super sweaty afterward. And my kickboxing teacher, Keren, taught the class.
I usually do yoga on Monday mornings. But I am getting a flu shot on Wednesday and know that my arm will be sore and I won’t be able to attend adv. body conditioning Wednesday evening. So I am taking yoga Wednesday morning. Switching it all up.