Yoga out on the lanai


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2009-02-16 23:43 +0000

I am in Maui and trying to stay on track with the exercise. Not so much with the food. 🙂
Last Wednesday I started back at the gym with a yoga class. I attended yoga on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Thursday I had sore triceps.
My gym–formerly known as Mavericks–is under renovations. So for 15 days the women’s locker room is closed. Which is a huge pain. So I am changing at work before and/or after my classes.
This morning before breakfast I did about 25 minutes of yoga out on the lanai. It was so beautiful and peaceful. It is definitely harder to do when totally on your own. I even did poses I am not a huge fan of. But I did my three faves: pigeon, dolphin and lying down twist (I can’t remember the actual name).